I have built the garden primarily for the plants´ and my own well-being.

You are most welcome to visit my garden, but be careful where you walk. The garden comprises many very sensitive habitats, where all plants have been placed at the optimal spot for their own well-being – an environment as similar as possible to their natural habitat. This has lead to that some plants are not easily seen from the paths, causing a bit of frustration in some visitors, but still not alowing them to walk around on the flower beds! The stone clad surfaces of the beds look hard and tough to the eye but are in fact very soft, and vulnerable little plants are planted everywhere. Thank you for respecting my work and my garden.

2017 the garden is open following days between 10-16.

28 April stugan

16-17 Juni

11-12 Augusti

Entrance fee.  The entrance is free but I happily accept donations of 40 SEK or more.

Find me.  The garden is situated in Eskilsby, ca 11 km south of Landvetter, east of Gothenburg. see map. GPS coordinates 57.62106,12.311382

Your visit in the garden is at your own risk and your own responsibility.